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"The cure is if you let in a little more love. I promise you this, a little's enough." - AVA

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The Experiencer Support Association

Our mission

We aim to provide support to those affected by events of high strangeness and unexplained activity.

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About us

We investigate all items belonging to the global phenomenon of highly strange and foreign experiences which carry many implications of the existence of intelligence other than our own.

We provide raw unbiased data volunteered and collected from those experiencing this phenomena with a global effort in providing trends and characteristics that will help narrow down our research and directly focus where to look.

We filter the difference between fact and fiction, with every intent to bridge the connection between UFO and Paranormal phenomena.

We refer third party compassion and support to every experiencer regardless of the report disposition or classification.

Ryan Stacey - Citizen Journalist and Paranormal/UFO Researcher


Ryan Stacey

Ryan Stacey is a certified Private Investigator, the C.E.O. and Founder of Black Light Investigative and Surveillance Services and TESA.

He is also the Former National Chief Investigator for MUFON CANADA,

Ryan is considered an expert in the UFO/Paranormal field and has been featured on television, has lectured at major conferences and has had many articles published. He is writing his first book, “BELIEVE” , an Investigative Study building a bridge between the borders of Paranormal and Extra-Terrestrial Phenomena.

Ryan has been a private investigator since 2009 and continues to help the public privately with issues ranging from infidelity to strange sounds, shadows, and lights in the sky.

"I may be the creator, but TESA is everyone." - Ryan Stacey